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My Bitter Darlings are beautiful, whimsical, messy versions of all women in their perfectly imperfect states. 

I call my paintings "Bitter Darlings," because they radiate imperfect beauty and capture how dynamic women are in a way that oftentimes cannot be adequately described with words. My Bitter Darlings are representative of the people I see around me and they highlight the importance of inclusivity, equality, and our own unique being. Look at how diverse we are! I don’t think there is anything more definitive of beauty than acceptance and understanding. I find that very intriguing.

by purchasing Bitter Darlings, you're helping to support and empower women

collage of bitter darlings


"Zarinah is a fly ass artist. with a dope ass style. She creates beauty in art, fashion, and even in the way she struts. Her paintings have so much detail and texture. I am mesmerized by the way she turned hurt into a passion." David P.

"Zarinah is a true artist in every sense of the word. She creates from her heart and it’s always beautiful and meaningful. Women can identify with at least one of her Bitter Darlings if not a few of them depending on their mood! I have two of her paintings in my home and absolutely love them. Both add something completely different but just know it’s a whole vibe!! I also have some tees and sweatshirts from her apparel line and I always get stopped and asked where I got them from. Will definitely continue to support this black-owned business!!!"  Renée L.

"Zarinah is an amazing artist with great customer service. Her down to earth spirit makes it easy to come back for another purchase. If you tell her your idea or send her a picture, she’ll perfect it in a timely manner. She’s all for women empowerment! I highly recommend Bitter Darlings paintings to enhance your living and/or workspace!" Kimberly D.

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